• Fréquence M + Accès M

Fréquence M + Accès M

Bilodeau Immobilier / TB4 construction




Bilodeau Immobilier / TB4 construction


Quebec (Quebec) / Canada






1822 m.c.


ABCP architecture

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The Accès M – Fréquence M project, located in what used to be the CHRC 80 radio station building, is a nod to the building’s former role—not only to its name (AM-FM) but also its architecture, which combines vertical blinds that evoke the concrete sunshades that originally characterized the building. The project, which was delivered in summer 2014, was completed in two phases. The first phase, FRÉQUENCE M, consisted of recycling the existing building. Two steel floors were added to the three existing concrete floors, for a total of 26 rental units. The ground floor is dedicated to commercial activities to keep the intersection of rue Myrand and Chemin Ste-Foy bustling and alive. A new vertical circulation unit was added to house an elevator and ensure building compliance.


The second part of the project, ACCÈS M, consists of 53 condo units, several of which are split-level. A range of sizes are available, but all have open-plan living areas with abundant natural light. The building’s structure is entirely made of concrete, and the mechanical ducts are partially hidden in the floor slabs, leaving the concrete ceilings bare. There is a three-story underground parking garage where condo owners have access to secure bike storage areas and lockers.