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A new large-scale project in Nunavik

ABCP and Blouin Orzès architectes will work together to build 14 office-transit units and 200 housing units in 14 Nunavik communities. The mandate awarded by Kativik Ilisarniliriniq (Nunavik School Board) aims to provide a quality working and living environment for its staff, and to attract more teachers, technical and support personnel to Nunavik. The project will start shortly and run until 2027.
Nunavik is not immune to the current housing crisis, which is having a negative impact on staff recruitment and retention. By improving the supply and living conditions of people moving between villages for short periods or teachers from the south settling in this region for one or more years, this mandate will generate positive spin-offs for northern communities, and ABCP and Blouin Orzès are pleased to contribute to this.