• Competition - Tianjin metro station
  • Competition - Tianjin metro station
  • Competition - Tianjin metro station

Competition - Tianjin metro station

Tianjin Municipal Planning Commission


Infrastructure and transportation , Competition


Tianjin Municipal Planning Commission


Tianjin / China




100 M$


50 000 m.c.


ABCP + Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tshinghua University

Awards and mentions

  • Finaliste du concours d’architecture


The new Tianjin West metro station in Tianjin, a city of 9 million inhabitants on the outskirts of Beijing, is connected to two metro lines, twenty-one rail lines, and an underground shopping center, and must accommodate 42,000 passengers a day. In addition to space for pedestrians, its outdoor public areas must provide 7,000 m2 of taxi stands, 1,300 parking spaces, as well as room for 30 different bus lines. 


In addition to meeting the operational needs of such a project, the objective was to strike a better urban balance, generating both social and economic benefits. The project sought to combine traditional and contemporary values in a unique architectural composition.  The proposal unifies the entire project with an architectural design inspired by the context, the program, and the need to provide the public with clear directions to the station. We also wanted the building to boost the environmental awareness of passengers and visitors—by incorporating a series of green measures into the design—and a sense of social pride among the residents of Tianjin.