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Nodelo District

Leboeuf Société Immobilière


Neighborhood development , Public spaces and parks


Leboeuf Société Immobilière


Quebec (Québec) / Canada


In progress




24 ha


ABCP architecture

Projet Paysage

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This site is made up of vacant lots inside Quebec City’s urban perimeter and is targeted as a priority area for development by municipal authorities. The neighborhood, which is near a highway and the borough’s key thoroughfares, is easy to reach and meets the needs of a varied clientele. The developer wishes to create a vibrant, innovative neighborhood that features sustainable construction and development strategies and is different from conventional suburbs in the city’s outlying areas. Numerous projects in the neighborhood are based on LEED neighborhood development criteria.


The project, which is organized around a central, unifying space and a park promoting physical activity, offers a range of residential and shopping and service areas that benefit neighborhood residents as well as those in surrounding districts.