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Textile Technology Centre

Cégep de St-Hyacinthe


Commercial and administrative


Cégep de St-Hyacinthe


St-Hyacinthe (Quebec) / Canada




2,5 M$


2 205 m.c.


ABCP architecture

Photos © François Bastien


Canada’s only textile research center was looking to build a head office and research center that would allow it to assume a leadership role in the industry. The resulting building expresses drive, innovation, high technology, and confidentiality. These values, which are important to the developers, appealed to the center’s clientele and fostered growth beyond expectations.


The building’s regulating lines are visible throughout, expressed by elaborate molding; spacious, welcoming volumes; and numerous details that reflect the building’s geometry and accentuate its spirit of clarity and high tech feel. Its spatial and functional organization fosters collegiality and synergy among administrative and research staff. The building is divided into four types of functional spaces:

  1. Public entrance hall and corridors providing clients and visitors with a “technological” window onto the center’s research activities
  2. Individual offices and open-plan areas for managers, researchers, technicians, and clerical staff as well as meeting and reprography rooms
  3. Testing and analysis laboratories covering key research aspects
  4. Technical and support rooms