• Gare du Palais - Restoration

Gare du Palais - Restoration

VIA Rail Canada


Restoration and rehabilitation


VIA Rail Canada


Quebec (Québec) / Canada


In progress






ABCP architecture + WSP


Designated a federal heritage railway station on June 4, 1992 by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, the Gare du Palais in Quebec City possesses superior heritage value due to the quality and uniqueness of all of its architectural elements. Built in 1915 to the design of American architect Harry Edward Prindle, this monumental château-style station consisted of 4 wings. After a period of neglect, it was reopened in 1985 following major renovation work, and extended to house the new ticket office and train shelter.


In autumn 2020, the team of professionals from ABCP and WSP was commissioned by VIA Rail Canada to carry out this major heritage restoration project. Our team has carried out more than 10 preliminary design studies and specialist appraisals to guide the planning of the renovation work. Spread over several phases of work, the restoration of the station will include, among other things: repairing the copper and pitched roofs, replacing the exterior openings (doors, windows and skylights), restoring the glass roof, marquee, clock and other emblematic elements, repairing the interior and exterior masonry and carrying out a number of works to bring the station up to standard.