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Park(ing) Day




Park(ing) Day


Quebec (Québec) / Canada








LeBOCAL par ABCP architecture


The Life Slavers installation appeals to the collective imagination with its candy look and its bright colors. Composed of old tires dressed for the occasion, the installation at first glance playful reveals a more worrying side. By simply adding an "L" to the packaging of the traditional Life Savers candy roll, the title Life Slavers evokes the automobile addiction of today's North American city. By getting closer to the object, two experiences are offered to the passerby: Interact with the tires and their playfulness, and become aware of the issue of packaging itself via the following "nutritional" information:

Information on automobile dependency:

In cities where automobiles are the predominant means of transportation, automobile dependence implies that urban developments prevent the freedom of residents to choose their way of life and their way of moving within the city. The culture of automobile use has been dependent on this means of transport. Automobile dependency is a term that illustrates the situation of many cities in North America, including Quebec, where the automobile is omnipresent and has shaped the city. The problem is that the increase in traffic calls for widening of lanes and the addition of new roads, which lead to greater urban sprawl, which leads to an increase in the number of road users for greater distances to travel, which again brings saturation to the road network. It's a vicious circle. Let's put together now on a sustainable mobility approach for our living environments!