• Cowansville courthouse
  • Cowansville courthouse
  • Cowansville courthouse
  • Cowansville courthouse

Cowansville courthouse

Société Immobilière du Québec


Restoration and rehabilitation


Société Immobilière du Québec


Cowansville (Quebec) / Canada




7 M$


1 723 m.c.


ABCP architecture

Photos @ Stéphane Groleau

Awards and mentions

  • LEED NC Certification of the Canada Green Building Council


The contract from Société Immobilière Québec involved rehabilitating and expanding a building dating back to 1851 that originally housed the Cowansville courthouse. As the building was considered of special importance to the region, it was essential to safeguard its architectural properties. Efforts were made to highlight and conserve its original character, which is protected by a Site Planning and Architectural Integration Plan (PIIA) administered by the City of Cowansville’s urban planning department. 

The challenges posed by the project were two-fold.  First, the architectural design had to preserve the original characteristics of the building while incorporating a new structure. The new section’s design and the choice of materials required a certain sensitivity and an approach in keeping with the values to be conserved with respect to the whole. The second challenge was technical in nature. The proposed designs had to be adapted to meet earthquake resistance requirements. Insulation of the existing building was carefully planned, and technical solutions were provided to enhance the building’s energy efficiency while preserving its structural and esthetic properties.