• Perséides elementary school in Bellechasse
  • Perséides elementary school in Bellechasse

Perséides elementary school in Bellechasse

Centre de services scolaire Côte-du-Sud


Education, sports and leisure


Centre de services scolaire Côte-du-Sud


Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse (Québec) / Canada


In progress


20 M$


3 981 m²




This 15-classroom school is composed of a set of prisms and is divided into two volumes linked by a central space below that serves as the heart of the school. The fragmented design delineates the school’s various functions and mirrors the splintered urban environment all around. A large semi-open courtyard at the front provides additional space for outdoor activities and assemblies.


The angular layout, dictated by the site’s irregular shape, reaches across the low-density neighbourhood like an outstretched hand. The main entrance is protected from prevailing winds, and there is a side entrance next to the staff parking lot. The central location of the multipurpose room and bleachers make them an ideal gathering place where everyone can meet throughout the day. This large, yet intimate space will allow students to take part in a variety of group activities, including cooking workshops, reading, crafts, theatre, and more.


The relatively unobtrusive materials used and the transparency of the school’s core let the outer landscape in and make indoor spaces cozier. Protruding masonry will be used in the double gymnasium to enliven and highlight the space. Given the quality of its architectural design, this new place of learning will help spark a real push for change in this part of Bellechasse.