• Soumande Pedestrian Bridge
  • Soumande Pedestrian Bridge
  • Soumande Pedestrian Bridge
  • Soumande Pedestrian Bridge
  • Soumande Pedestrian Bridge

Soumande Pedestrian Bridge

Ville de Québec


Public spaces and parks , Infrastructure and transportation


Ville de Québec


Quebec (Québec) / Canada




2.6 M$




Structure: EMS - Electricity: SGTR

Photos © ABCP architecture

Awards and mentions

  • Excellence Award of the Steel Construction (CISC), Architectural Stairs and Footbridges


Located to the west of the brand-new Centre Vidéotron, this pedestrian bridge was built to provide a pedestrian link between the ExpoCité site and Place Fleur de Lys. The new link provides a safe, universal crossing of the northbound ramp of Highway 973, which had previously been a major accident hazard during major events.


With a total span of 46 metres, the bridge features a simple, elegant structural scheme based on the use of 2 longitudinally offset Warren trusses connected by continuous diagonals. This offsetting in plan ensures the fluidity of the walkway, and creates highly dynamic accesses thanks to their inclinations. The distribution, dimensions and colors of all the members were meticulously orchestrated to create a sort of three-dimensional vortex, making the walkway both destabilizing and intriguing. The footbridge was entirely prefabricated in 2 modules to ensure the quality and finesse of its assemblies, while respecting transport constraints.


The structure of the bridge deck is composed of a support formed of diagonal steel members that brace the 2 main trusses, and a thin reinforced concrete slab. Conceptually, this hybrid composition maintains the effect of a three-dimensional truss on the underside, while ensuring an impression of lightness. The deck thus appears to have been delicately slid inside the footbridge's framework.